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Rarely do people speak for a very long time uninterrupted. It might be important for your character to say something lengthy, but remember to at least split it up with body language and other means of giving your reader a break.

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How does the teen talk on the phone to his different friends? He might act differently to one compared to another. How he interacts with a girl can be way different than how he talks to a guy on the phone. Watch how his body moves as he talks or his facial expressions.

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This dialogue example illustrates the overbearing aspects of Bunny that gather and grow, testing the limits of the others 8767 patience. The dialogue is thus oriented towards building resentments between characters that explain later character choices.

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Once you know the rules and why they’re there, you can break with purpose instead of doing so on accident.

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Information like that is there solely for the benefit of the readers. In reality, though, it turns the readers off, because the dialogue sounds horribly stilted. So don 8767 t do it!

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And when characters have conflicting goals, consequences are sure to follow later in the novel. Or as James N. Frey put it

The Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Dialogue Writer is given by the state government as part of its annual Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Tamil ( Kollywood ) films.

They 8767 re useful little things. But beware of over using them. Writing dialogue with a tag after every single line will make it sound like a game of ping-pong, like here

Note that the tag, when following a comma within the quotation marks, is lowercase, as it 8767 s a part of the overall sentence.

Your readers don’t care about what your characters had for dinner last night—unless that dinner had been poisoned and is now seeping into their bloodstream, impacting their immediate danger.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but not everyone speaks in the same way. We all have a specific “flow” to our sentences and we all have favorite words we prefer to use.

And it is exactly the same for writing dialogue in a novel. The two characters will both want something, often opposing things

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