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Yes this was beautifully constructed. Theme songs spanned the last half-century so no real generational slant. I struggled with the fill but mostly due to my own shortcomings. A pleasure to solve.

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8775 Afghanistan doesn’t need Teddy bears and schools and hospitals. They needed to be nuked. 8776
Its good to be politically incorrect. But not that politically incorrect man 😉 We certainly have to destroy the taliban. But there are a lot of people there who hate the Taliban and fight against it. The danger with nuking Afghanistan is that it would lead to fear among each and evey nation. As long as there is only fear, its fine. But if there situation becomes like a cornered cat, and that there only way to survive is to hit back, then it can be dangerus. And places like Pakistan have become more of a perpetrator of terrorism than Afgahanistan, so I dont understand the Afghanistan reference that much.

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Also its not only westerners who are kind hearted. I have been to a lot of places in Africa and Asia(For instance India) where a majority of people welcome refugees and in their own way tend to be kind hearted.

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It 8767 s the same reason you see Germans and Swedes and, yes, Americans holding up signs that say 8775 Refugees are Welcome here! 8776 and handing out Teddy bears to invaders infiltrating our country. We have this urge to take care of everyone, a utopian sort of psychology. The kind heart of Western man will be his downfall. I don 8767 t know why Western man (and, far as I can tell, ONLY Western man) has this sort of psychological need to be kind and take care of everyone. I don 8767 t know how to fight it. But if we don 8767 t get smart we are doomed.

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98-across seems to encapsulate the oxymoronic nature of the theme: [ 8775 Festina __ 8776 ( 8775 make haste slowly 8776 )] LENTE. Here are the precisely crafted, sometimes precarious, two-word phrases:

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I wonder if Ivanka had her baby.. or if it is one of those 8775 Fasten your seat belts, it is going to e a bumpy afternoon 8776 pressers. You never know with Trump. He is unpredictable. Some other campaigns will be worrying I imagine.

Influenza-like-illness (ILI): Acute onset of respiratory illness with fever and cough and with one or more of the following - sore throat, arthralgia, myalgia, or prostration which is likely due to influenza. In children under 5, gastrointestinal symptoms may also be present. In patients under 5 or 65 and older, fever may not be prominent.

Jeb said his brother kept us safe. Really? Safe as in 9/66? That false flag incident was blamed on a practically unknown Arab named Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. So what did George W. Bush do? He launched a second . attack on Iraq and eventually took out Saddam Hussein, who was accused of having weapons of mass destruction (armaments we are intimately familiar with).

Then comes Vietnam. I love the vets and their courage was unbelievable. But our leaders were stupid. No one can claim that that war was good for our country. Also, we lost. All of Vietnam is still under communist rule to this day.

From a constructing point of view, it must have been uber exciting for Mary Lou to discover IN LOVE and TOUGH LOVE as both the I and the T were cemented in place by the long themers (not to mention ART LOVERS). While these may have been a lucky find, the intersecting pairs/quads of themers in the bottom section clearly required a lot of brute trial and error, persistence and imagination. Brava to Mary Lou for succeeding at creating such a beautiful interlock around a pre-set black square pattern.

Altogether, that 8767 s a decent amount of theme. I wasn 8767 t a big fan of the unchecked U in I LUV U , though it wasn 8767 t ambiguous.

Note: ILI data may be reported through sentinel physicians, emergency room visits or health line telephone calls.

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