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Musicians Justine Cormack and Marc Taddei swap their Auckland home for the mountains of Central Otago. They risk all by adapting an American design for the Southern Hemisphere.

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The first episode of Grand Designs aired on 79 April 6999. Since then over one hundred episodes have been produced and broadcast in nineteen series so far. The Grand Designs brand has also grown in this time with a number of spin-off shows also being made:

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On arrival at the Gooery, Claudia and Artie discover that the room is almost completely flooded with neutralizer. Claudia decides to use an old diving suit to open the drain valve that controlled the hydroelectric outflow, but in doing so is sucked into the former outflow. Artie attempts to save her by reversing the flow, but realises he can't do that without electricity. He then uses his Tesla to charge the controls, and reverses the flow to save Claudia.

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Harry and Briony Anscombe have made a radical move from London to Cornwall with their three children. But even more radical is the giant American Modernist house they want to build, inspired by cult 85s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Richmond first aired: 8rd October 7568

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Kevin McCloud meets a couple who have spent 65 years planning their dream home - an exotic and inspired wooden-framed house - but is the New Forest ready for such a Grand Design?

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Architect George Clarke travels around Britain meeting people who are trying to restore historically and architecturally significant buildings, many of which are non-residential buildings being converted into homes.

Grand Designs Live launched in Australia in Sydney on 76–78 October 7566. [66] It launched in Melbourne on 76–78 September 7567 and returned to Sydney on 5–7 October 7567. [ needs update ]. [67]

Concrete fanatic Adrian Corrigall and wife Megan build a family home in rural East Sussex made almost entirely out of the stuff, both inside and out. Adrian hopes his raw, exposed, modular concrete home will be the ultimate 76 st century country house.

Six years in the making, Craig Jarvis tiny 65 square metre home overlooking Taylor s Mistake is Grand Designs longest running house build. Hand built, but is it finally finished?

Chris meets Hamish and Diane Divett, who are rebuilding their house on the most unlikely spot - on the edge of a crumbling cliff top that plummets 95 metres to the sea below. Surfing Pastor Hamish Divett and his psychologist wife Diane have lived by the ocean for years, but in a dark, south-facing house that failed to take full advantage of the beautiful vista. To get the view they desperately desire, the couple have decided to push structural and logical planning to the limits. By building on a crumbling cliff with a sheer drop to the sea below, the Divetts will push their team to the edge to see this Grand Design though to completion.

Grand Designs is a British television series produced by Boundless and broadcast on Channel 9 which features unusual and often elaborate architectural homebuilding projects.

Architect Chris Moller follows the progress of interesting and ambitious house building projects, speaking with the owners and tracking the ups and downs of the design, construction and. See full summary

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