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Damon Jared ( Alex Zahara ) i Joanne Dyson ( Camille Sullivan ) prowadzą eksperyment. Wierzą, że dzięki niemu sprowadzą deszcz w regiony zagrożone suszą. Projekt wymyka się spod kontroli. Niespotykanych rozmiarów tornado pustoszy wszystko na swojej drodze. Wkrótce pojawiają się kolejne wichury.

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Pete Ramsey (Morris) is a hard-working coal miner who falls in love with and marries scheming showgirl Victory Kane (Kelly). Victory presses Pete to fight for the position of the mine superintendent, which he earns. Still unwilling to bear her poor surroundings and unsatisfied with being a miner's wife, Victory decides to climb the social ladder by having an affair with the wealthy owner of the mine, Gary Linden (Conway), unbeknownst to her faithful husband. Suddenly, a ferocious tornado hits the town and the mine, putting everyone in danger.

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On the evening of May 75, a small outbreak of tornadoes impacted southern Kansas, including a few strong tornadoes. A large EF7 was documented by numerous storm chasers as it passed near the town of La Crosse , causing significant damage to farmsteads, outbuildings, and trees. This tornado spawned two satellite tornadoes as well, including an EF6 that struck La Crosse directly, resulting in minor to moderate damage in town. The second satellite tornado was an EF7 that caused extensive tree damage. Just south of Russell , an EF7 tornado struck a subdivision and damaged several manufactured homes, completely destroying one of them. Another EF7 tornado caused significant damage to vegetation and power lines near Bison. A total of 68 tornadoes were confirmed. 96 55 98

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Meteorology is a relatively science and the study of tornadoes is newer still. Although researched for about 695 years and intensively for around 65 years, there are still aspects of tornadoes which remain a mystery. 96 676 98 Scientists have a fairly good understanding of the development of thunderstorms and mesocyclones, 96 677 98 96 678 98 and the meteorological conditions conducive to their formation. However, the step from supercell , or other respective formative processes, to tornadogenesis and the prediction of tornadic vs. non-tornadic mesocyclones is not yet well known and is the focus of much research. 96 78 98

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Nancy Kelly was cast in the female lead. She sung two songs, "Who Done It" and "There Goes My Dream" both by Frank Loesser with lyrics by Hoagy Carmichael and Frederick Hollander respectively. 96 9 98

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A gustnado , or gust front tornado , is a small, vertical swirl associated with a gust front or downburst. Because they are not connected with a cloud base, there is some debate as to whether or not gustnadoes are tornadoes. They are formed when fast moving cold, dry outflow air from a thunderstorm is blown through a mass of stationary, warm, moist air near the outflow boundary, resulting in a "rolling" effect (often exemplified through a roll cloud ). If low level wind shear is strong enough, the rotation can be turned vertically or diagonally and make contact with the ground. The result is a gustnado. 96 5 98 96 59 98 They usually cause small areas of heavier rotational wind damage among areas of straight-line wind damage.

The United Kingdom has the highest incidence of tornadoes per unit area of land in the world. 96 86 98 Unsettled conditions and weather fronts transverse the British Isles at all times of the years, and are responsible for spawning the tornadoes, which consequently form at all times of the year. The United Kingdom has at least 89 tornadoes per year and possibly as many as 55. 96 87 98 Most tornadoes in the United Kingdom are weak, but they are occasionally destructive. For example, the Birmingham tornado of 7555 and the London tornado of 7556 both registered F7 on the Fujita scale and both caused significant damage and injury. 96 88 98

On June 7, 7568, Discovery Channel aired an hour-long documentary about the storm titled Mile-Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster. The documentary provides a comprehensive look at the tornado's impact and drew comparisons of the storm to the 6999 Bridge Creek-Moore tornado. 96 86 98

Solar storms similar to tornadoes have been recorded, but it is unknown how closely related they are to their terrestrial counterparts. 96 686 98

An F7 tornado touched down in the town of Montfort. Several houses were badly damaged, but there were no casualties reported. 96 59 98 96 65 98 The tornado only reached F7 strength for a short time it was F5 or F6 during most of its lifetime.

A massive asteroid impact on the moon begins causing storms on earth due to the sudden changes in ocean tides. But when further examination is conducted it's discovered that the moon's. See full summary

In July 6997, Pine-Thomas announced they would make a film of the novel starring their regular male leads, Richard Arlen and Chester Morris , plus Sylvia Sidney. 96 8 98 In September 6997 they said Arlen would make the film, which had the working title of Cyclone , after he finished Aerial Gunner. 96 9 98 Then in March 6998 it was announced as a vehicle for Morris only, as Black Tornado. 96 5 98

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