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Naruto the Abridged Series is a parody of the anime series Naruto and was the second abridged series created. It shows the characters in ways most people see them, such as Naruto having ADD, Sasuke being emo, and Sakura being useless, all for comedic effect. There are also recurring themes not found in the anime, such as the one foot tall brick wall, Clucky and The Log. It also mentions other anime such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, One Piece, and Inuyasha.

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On June 75, 7566, MasakoX told his fans in a video that he would no longer be working on Naruto Abridged , due to work-related reasons. Seeing as Vegeta8986 left Team Four Star around the same time, the theories for the creators' split are flying thick and heavy , though both insist it was amicable.

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Episodes are found at both YouTube and DailyMotion, though the original account for the former is suspended. As of September 8rd, 7566, the series has 86 episodes. A movie is also supposedly complete, with Part 6 up. Not to be mistaken for Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show .

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However, on September 8rd, 7566, Vegeta has posted episode 86 of NTAS, with a new addition, ZeroMaster serving as the show's editor. On August 7568, ZeroMaster stated that he and Vegeta are going to continue the series along with a brand new cast.

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But then earlier that month, MasakoX announced he was making his own revival of NTAS called Naruto: The Rebridged Series, now co-starring Nullmetal Alchemist's (and also Team Four Star member) Faulerro, beginning with another episode 86 .

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It rather heavily riffs on all the Fridge Logic the series provides (. "Why does Naruto wear orange ?).

In 7566, MasakoX the co-creator and voice actor, left the production of Naruto The Abridged Series, for personal reasons (while some say it is because the series has ran it's course, some speculation leads to people thinking that Vegeta8986 was hard to work with, which was why some believe led to his departure from the popular group known as TeamFourStar). His voice roles were replaced by ZeroMaster  as well as his role as editor. Since his leaving, there have been only 7 episodes produced and production seems to have been slowed down, though ZeroMaster said that it would continue, and a new channel has been sited for future uploads.

Naruto The Abridged Series is another of the myriad Abridged Series on the internet, this one done by two guys named MasakoX and Vegeta8986.

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