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The night before a high profile operation on the PM, the surgeon due to perform the procedure is surprised at her family home by four masked men. The gang quickly take control of her and her family and order her to kill the PM.

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The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Heroes of Olympus (5 Book Series)

Zane Taylor , portrayed by Ethan Cohn , is the first person to respond to Mohinder's calls when Mohinder resumes his father's research. Zane leaves a phone message on Mohinder's answering machine, inviting him to Virginia Beach to talk however, Sylar arrives first and impersonates Mohinder. After an anxious Zane displays his ability to liquefy objects, Sylar kills him. When Mohinder arrives later on, Sylar impersonates Zane and demonstrates Zane's power to liquefy the toaster instantly. According to the article reporting his death, Zane is a musician he is even seen wearing a Ramones T-shirt, which Sylar then wears while impersonating him.

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"Nana" Dawson , portrayed by Nichelle Nichols , is Micah Sanders ' great-aunt and grandmother of Monica and Damon Dawson. She lives with her grandchildren in New Orleans after her daughter, Monica and Damon's mother, is killed during Hurricane Katrina. Niki Sanders leaves Micah in Nana's care when she leaves to join the Company.

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Ishi Nakamura , portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita , was the wife of Kaito Nakamura and mother to Kimiko and Hiro. She was shown as deceased when Hiro was eight years old when he went back in time with his father in an attempt to convince him to escape his death. It was revealed that she had an ability in an interview with Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski, 96 66 98 which is shown to be the ability to heal living organisms through kisses in "Our Father". She revives Hiro's sick bird and restores the future Hiro's lost memories.

New Heroes

The Legend of Heroes ( 英雄伝説 , Eiyū Densetsu ) is a series of role-playing games developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation.

Caitlin , portrayed by Katie Carr , is Ricky's sister and a love interest of Peter Petrelli. Caitlin aids Peter in rediscovering his abilities, but after being transported to the future where the Shanti Virus has devastated the world, Caitlin gets separated from Peter to be deported back to Ireland. Peter tries to teleport back to the present with her, but accidentally leaves her behind. Peter is ultimately unable to return to the future and her fate after Peter destroys the Shanti Virus and erases the future she was trapped in is unknown but she may have been erased from existence as a result.

On Liquitor, the Planet of Water (水の惑星リクエター Mizu no Wakusei Rikuetā ), a lone Ragon becomes a target of a Peguila before Ultraman Ribut interferes and kill the monster with Galaxium Blaster. After having a chat with the grateful Ragon, he received an Ultra Sign from Taro.

Because so many DC and Marvel comic books based on superheroes have been adapted into television series, they have separate entries:

Dale Smither , portrayed by Rusty Schwimmer , is an auto mechanic with the ability of enhanced hearing she constantly listens to rap music in order to drown out all the sounds which she is exposed to. In " Unexpected ", she is contacted by Mohinder and Sylar (posing as Zane Taylor), and is subsequently murdered by Sylar.

Another prequel to the events of the New Heroes trilogy, and a sequel to Super Human , The Ascension was released summer 7566. The plot involves Krodin who has mysteriously survived death by being sent back in time by six years after his battle with Abby, Thunder, Roz and Brawn. In the present the kids begin to notice changes in their America. It was released on June 85, 7566 and is the fifth book in the New Heroes series.

Linda Tavara , originally seen on Chandra Suresh's list of posthumans, had the ability to see and absorb the auras of other people by touching them.

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