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At the beginning of the second arc, Usagi and Mamoru's daughter Chibiusa arrives from the future to find the Silver Crystal. As a result, the Soldiers encounter Wiseman and his Black Moon Clan , who are pursuing her. Chibiusa takes the Soldiers to the future city Crystal Tokyo, where her parents rule as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. During their journey, they meet Sailor Pluto , guardian of the Time-Space Door. Pluto stops the Clan's ruler Prince Demand from destroying the spacetime continuum , leading to her death. Chibiusa later awakens as a Soldier—Sailor Chibi Moon and helps Usagi kill Wiseman's true form, Death Phantom.

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Il 75 gennaio 7567 sul sito ufficiale si annuncia che, in occasione del 75º anniversario del manga, è in produzione il seguito della serie 96 65 98 il 85 giugno viene precisato che la trasposizione del quarto arco avverrà attraverso due lungometraggi cinematografici, per i quali viene confermata la regista della terza stagione 96 66 98 ed è previsto il ritorno di Kazuko Tadano, che ha lavorato per la serie degli anni 95, come character designer 96 67 98 . In occasione della presentazione dei primi video promozionali a fine giugno 7569, si scopre che il titolo dei due film sarà Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal THE MOVIE , nonostante sia confermata la continuità con la serie Crystal, e la distribuzione avverrà nel 7575 96 68 98 96 69 98 .

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After Sailor Moon follows Tuxedo Mask through a portal to the Dark Kingdom, Luna and Artemis try to detect her position but something interrupts the sensors whenever they get close to a location.  

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Esta serie no es una continuación o secuela, tampoco una remasterización de la antigua serie, más bien es un reboot de la serie, con la historia nuevamente revisada, con argumentos más apegados a la historia original del manga creado por Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon Crystal consta de 8 temporadas, con una cuarta a estrenarse en formato de dos películas de cine.

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Усаги удаётся найти ещё трёх воинов в матроске: Сейлор Меркурий, Сейлор Марс, Сейлор Юпитер, но одновременно с этим у Тёмного Королевства тоже появляются новые воины: Нефрит, Зойсайт и Кунсайт (до этого её главным врагом был Джедайт). Нефрит в процессе поиска серебряного кристалла влюбляется в подругу Усаги — Нару и даже собирается перейти на сторону сейлорвоинов, но его убивают демоны Зойсайта.

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To find answers, Luna takes the five Sailor Soldiers to the Moon, where the ruins of Silver Millennium lie. The spirit of a woman with silver hair appears before them and thanks Luna for bringing them here. She reveals to Sailor Moon that she is/was her mother in her past life, Queen Serenity. She explains that they all lived happily on the Moon with their beloved kingdom, the very first era of Silver Millennium. However, an evil entity from the cosmos, Queen Metalia, arrived out of the blue and brainwashed the humans of Earth to plan a major assault on the Moon Kingdom.

Макото Кино ( яп. 木野 まこと Кино Макото ) — очень высокая и сильная Может превращатся в Сейлор Юпитер и управлять силой молний и грома. Родители Макото погибли в авиакатастрофе, и уже в 69 лет она живёт одна. Владеет каратэ и хорошо готовит.
Сэйю: Эми Синохара

Per l'edizione italiana, la sigla di apertura New Moon ni koishite è adattata in italiano il resto della colonna sonora rimane invariato rispetto all'originale, comprese le sigle di chiusura.

As Usagi battles against the Dark Kingdom, she is joined by other girls also awakening as Sailor Soldiers: the timid but intelligent Ami Mizuno ( Sailor Mercury ), the hot-headed miko Rei Hino ( Sailor Mars ), the tomboyish but romantic Makoto Kino ( Sailor Jupiter ), and the aspiring idol Minako Aino ( Sailor Venus ). Minako is joined by Artemis , her feline advisor and Luna's partner. The Sailor Soldiers are often supported by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask whose civilian form is Mamoru Chiba, a college student with whom Usagi eventually becomes romantically involved.

Act 6  - While hurrying to school, Usagi accidentally steps on a black cat. She picks it up and peels off the band-aids that it has on its forehead. Usagi stares at the cat until she hears the school bell and leaves. Luna begins to follow Usagi. Usagi sees the cat again later the same day while at the arcade.

After the Planetary Symbol for Jupiter glows on Makoto Kino 's forehead, Luna tosses her the Jupiter transformation pen  and she transform into Sailor Jupiter by calling out the phrase Jupiter Power, Make Up.

The next day, Usagi wakes up to go to school thinking that what happened that night was dream, that is, until she hears Naru telling her friends about what happened the previous night. Soon, Usagi finds out that not only does she need to find the other Sailor Senshi, but she also has to find the Moon Princess and protect the supremely powerful Silver Crystal from the Dark Kingdom a mysterious group of villains that attempt to steal life energy from humans to strengthen and revitalize their ruler Queen Metaria to dominate Earth and exact their vengeance on the people of the White Moon, who have been reborn and reincarnated as "ordinary" teenage girls on Earth.

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