Star vs. the Forces of Evil

In her Ultimate Magic Form, she gains four extra arms, and her large, teardrop-shaped butterfly wings are lavender in color, trimmed in white, with undertones of purple in the shape of flowers with green seed-shaped designs in the edges.

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In " Swim Suit ", she engages in a battle with Rhombulus after he refused to free Globgor from his crystal prison, and attacks with several dark magic spells, including a body-swap charm in hopes of freeing her husband herself. She is eventually persuaded by Star to stop, and shows remorse for her actions.

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Star experiences "mewberty", that is, her skin breaks out in hearts whenever she is near boys. Although Marco thinks it's much like the Earthling condition , Star's is more extreme. She sprouts hearts all over her body, and transforms into a butterfly creature that captures boys and steals them away. Marco turns to Glossaryck, a genie inside Star's book of magic, for advice on how to stop her.

Star VS The Forces Of Evil

In " Lake House Fever ", Tom admits to Star that he knows about the kiss she shared with Marco. Star tries to bail on the awkward situation at first, but she turns around to save Tom's life and decides to stay and spend more time with him and his family.

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Baby is an evaluator of magic who appears in the season 7 episode of the same name to evaluate Star Butterfly 's magic skill.

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As explained in " Face the Music ", each Mewman princess is assigned a "Song Day", on which the royal songstrel writes a song about the princess to serve as their official introduction as future queen of Mewni.

In the kingdom of Mewni , on her 69th birthday, Princess Star Butterfly is about to receive the royal magic wand from her parents, the king and queen. She greets the day by sliding down a staircase rail, ruining a family portrait, taming a wild warnicorn , and stampeding the warnicorn through the throne room. During the ceremony, the queen tells Star that the wand is a big responsibility and must be kept out of the hands of evil forces. Star takes the wand, and it changes to Star's own personal design, and Star assures her mother that she can handle it. Unfortunately, she manages to set the kingdom on fire with it in under a day.

Mina is an adult female Mewman with peach skin, long purple hair tied into knee-length pigtails with large buns at each base, and green eyes. Like Star, she also has bangs that overlap her eyes.

Despite her best attempts, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz infiltrate the school and cause a revolt. After they leave, she finds out via experimenting with a bobby pin Marco dropped that they came from Earth , and swears to annihilate them.

Rhina Butterfly (mother) [7]
John Roachley (father) [7]
Estrella Butterfly (daughter) [7]
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Being the queen, Moon acts as the true ruling monarch of Mewni and always has the well-being of her kingdom in mind, to the point she is unable to express interest in anything else. This often causes her to appear cold and even somewhat authoritarian towards others. Despite her overbearing strictness, she truly cares for her daughter after the near loss of the family wand, rather than show any anger or disappointment, she hugs Star, telling her daughter that she's just glad she's safe. Her concern for Star is also demonstrated in " Toffee " when she attacks Toffee for presumably killing Star.

Disney sitcom actor Olivia Holt dressed up as Star during the live-action promotions of the series weeks before its Disney XD premiere. 96 65 98 96 66 98

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