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Sam Winchester : Random vics. Random years. But they seem to drop in threes.

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On July 77, 7568, The CW announced there was a spin-off of Supernatural in the works, with the 75th episode of season nine serving as a back-door pilot. 96 698 98 On January 79, 7569, it was revealed that the spin-off was to have been titled Supernatural: Bloodlines. 96 699 98

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Dean and Sam get Castiel to send them back to 6866 after reading that Samuel Colt shot a phoenix , the ashes of which they believe will kill Eve. Meanwhile Castiel is weakened after being attacked by Rachel and must draw on power from Bobby 's soul to bring them back. When Sam and Dean are pulled back to the present day without the ashes, they think the cause is lost, but then a courier arrives. He delivers a package to Sam sent 655 years ago by Samuel Colt. It contains Sam's phone – and a bottle containing the ashes of the phoenix.

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Eliot Ness : You said you fellas found his house. Well, let's go see if it's been built yet. And then let's kill that bastard. Because that.

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The MAN walks down the street past a jeweler’s and a supper club. He stops at a door and knocks twice, then once, then three times. The door opens and he enters.

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They find a newspaper report of a fire on the night of Henry's initiation, and that the other Men of Letters were reported to die in the fire, explaining why today's hunters do not know about them. Henry identifies an alias the Men of Letters used, Albert Magnus, among the names of the victims of the fire, which prompts them to go to where the victims are buried. They discover that Thomas J. Carey III, a World War I veteran, is buried in the tomb of Larry Ganem , and realize that Larry, Henry's mentor who asked him to keep the box safe from Abaddon, must have assumed this man's identity and is now living in Lebanon, Kansas .

I'll be fine. After all, despite everything, I've just met my grandsons, haven't I? [He holds out a hand to SAM.] Henry Winchester. It's a pleasure.

To Sam's surprise, Dean instantly agrees to allow Arthur to join him on his journey when he won't allow Sam who questions this. Dean tells Sam that he doesn't care if Arthur survives or not unlike Sam and in fact hopes he doesn't, something that Arthur takes in stride. Dean tells Sam that he needs him to tend to Gabriel and keep the rift open as he goes off. Once the rift opens, Dean and Sam set their watches as he and Arthur pass through into Apocalypse World together, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind.

This was a fairly solid season opener and I m cautiously optimistic about the season s prospects.

Angered at their defiance, God smites Jack, who wakes up to see the Shadow and Billie waiting for him in the Empty. God decides to end the world, and unleashes every vengeful spirit from Hell back on Earth and sets an army of corpses upon Sam, Dean and Castiel.

Fleeing the female demon Abaddon with the mystery box she's after, Henry Winchester flees through a hastily created time-portal but is surprised she follows and it leads not to his son John but his grandsons, who became hunters, not legacy 'men of letters' like him, elder guardians of magical knowledge. Despite bitterness over John having lacked a father, the trio must team up to reconstruct the past and protect the box from Abaddon, who kidnaps Sam. Written by KGF Vissers

"Yeah, I know," Sam replies. "But this time I brought help." Castiel appears behind Dean and touches him on the forehead, whisking them back to Bobby's place. At Bobby's, Dean paces like a caged animal. Bobby, Sam and Castiel watch him while he disparages their efforts to come up with alternate solutions. He's resolved that nuclear is the only option they have left because Michael can beat the devil and save a boatload of people.

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