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Marley is now a part of our team and we feel so blessed every day that we get to have her in our lives. We’ve never looked back and hope in the near future that WAHF can help us give Marley a brother or sister. 8767

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Knowing someone has given her back breaks my heart as it is so obvious that Frankie just wants to be part of the pack. We suspect she had been left on her own for much of the day and possibly just let out in the garden to go to the loo rather than taken on a walk. We set a pretty good routine of 8 walks a day, 7 to a park we have nearby and either a longer walk or a run. As a result this witching hour disappeared within days of having her. It was clear to us she just needed to get rid of that excess energy (my husband is pretty much the same so I can just pack them off out for a run together).

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She would wee in the house after every single meal or treat it was like some sort of ritual, maybe because of living in a cage or never living in a home environment. I think I can honestly say for the first two months of having Maud I was a bit of a nervous wreck. She growled at my bulldog whenever he went near her sleeping area and he is so soft I was worried he was getting bullied. Her recall was awful and her hunting instincts came in as soon as she was off lead, trying to catch birds and squirrels.

Wild and heart

New Year's Eve at Leopard's Den. Alice has returned, but the stress of combining work with caring for baby Bobby is causing tension between her and Danny, which is exacerbated when their flirtatious.

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In 7567 I met a chorkie rescue dog called Lola. Her owner Fran was from Cyprus and saw how mesmerised I was with her dog so took it upon herself to make sure that I adopted my own and introduced me to Alex’s Farms of Stray Dogs on Facebook. Soon I was scrolling dogs obsessively and after enquiring about a few and them not sounding quite right, Joker the Chihuahua suddenly appeared. From what I know he was an unwanted pet and just abandoned at the shelter. Alex was super helpful in answering all my questions and reassuring me about the process and his personality. This was my first experience of the problem of stray and homeless dogs and I realised what amazing work she was doing and how important adopting a dog is.

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It 8767 s been almost two years since we came into each other’s lives, we bonded over a cup of tea and pineapple juice at her wonderful foster mum 8767 s home and then a week later she was home. 

After spending over a year visiting local dog shelters and constantly checking their websites we found we were struggling to find the right dog for us. We started looking further afield at websites of dog charities throughout the UK and by chance found the Wild at Heart Foundation website. We were amazed at the diverse selection of dogs and within a few weeks we saw a lovely little dog called Tikka. When we read about her she sounded absolutely perfect for us.

I will never thank WAHF enough making this possible and giving him a second chance from Cyprus streets to Geneva.

People are so shocked when we tell them she’s a rescue dog as she is so friendly, so calm and just such a lovely little dog to have around. We can’t imagine our life without her and are now considering getting our second WAHF dog to keep her company when we’re out! 8767

It's Du Plessis' 65th birthday. But he's been diagnosed with Angina and doesn't feel like celebrating. A concerned Danny tries to keep Du Plessis active by involving him in his lion breeding.

On Saturday 69th January, I cut short a meeting and persuaded a colleague to speed to South Mimms service station to meet Frederick and collect Ziggy. The terrified, scrawny, stunningly gorgeous bundle was handed to Frederick and was soon in a crate in the back of our car, heading home. 

Since moving to London, Joker has modelled for a Mulberry x Mungo and Maud collaboration, got a job as Head of Security in my office, helped promote my boyfriend 8767 s nightclub that raises mental health awareness in the music industry and been a life model to help raise money for WAHF. Amongst all this he is the best little furry pal we could have wished for. Having a rescue dog has definitely boosted our happiness and life purpose. Even staying in and watching the telly is better with your dog curled up next to you!

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