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Balika Vadhu - 13th July 2016 - बालिका वधु - Full Episode HD - YouTube

Jagdish's family refuses to abandon Anandi and accept Jagdish's marriage with Gauri. Because of the rejection from her in-laws, Gauri becomes vengeful towards them which creates problems in her marital life with Jagdish. Anandi, on the other hand faces new challenges as she tries to carve her own identity out in the world — starting an NGO to educate girls and fighting against child marriage. She meets the new district collector Shivraj Shekhar, who is impressed with her. Jagdish's family wants her to marry Shivraj and move on.

Balika Vadhu - बालिका वधु - 13th November 2014 - Full Episode (HD)

Balika Vadhu: Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte traces the life journey of Anandi and Jagdish, who are married in childhood. Anandi, at the age of 8, has to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a daughter-in-law during childhood.

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Indian comedy family series. A high profiled girl suhana (Ragini khanna ) married to a middle classed boy Ishaan khasyap ( Jay Soni ) who lived with his entire family in Chandni chowk ,. See full summary

Balika Vadhu - Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte - june 13 2011 - 3/3

The story of Balika Vadhu ends with Nandini summarizing the whole story through her mother Anandi's childhood to her present life, which she writes down in a book by the same name.

Balika Vadhu - YouTube

As they grow up, Anandi falls in love with Jagdish. Jagdish, too, considering her as his best friend and wife until he goes to Mumbai for college education and falls in love with his college mate named Gauri. He divorces Anandi and marries Gauri.

Parth and Shorvori decide to get married, despite stiff opposition from their families. However, destiny has other plans for them as they cross paths with Teni.

Nandini meets a medical student named Krish who tries to win her heart. He eventually succeeds as she starts developing feelings for him. Nandini marries Krish, only to find out that Krish's stepfather, Abhayram is none other than her ex-husband Kundan. After a lot of turn of events Nandini learns that the man whom she wants her adoptive sister Sudha to marry is none other than her own biological brother Shivam and the children of Anandi are reunited. The police kills Kundan after he kidnaps Nandini to forcefully remarry her while threatening Sudha's life and good prevails evil.

Loveless marriages and jealousy characterize two neighboring households as they try to cope with each other and themselves.

Tri means three and shakti means power, thus trishakti means Power of Three. In each Trishakti, three serials were broke down into parts and were shown one by one.

Nakusha's life becomes a mockery due to her unattractive face. Despite her looks, she possesses a kind heart and a deep secret known only by her mother.

Akhiraj tries to kill Anandi, Shivam and Nandini but only succeeds in killing Anandi as she protects her children. In the ensuing action, Jagdish shoots Akhiraj to death. Nandini and Shivam fall into a river together with Anandi (whose death is shown through a flashback scene in Lamhe Pyaar Ke) and Jagdish and Ganga presume them dead.

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