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Clary wins insightfulness points for this explanation of the mayor's greed. The scary thing, though, is that it's not just the mayor who's greedy it's everyone in Ember. Some people just manage it better than others. But when these folks have been so deprived for so many generations, you can understand why they might be a bit selfish now and then.

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The City of Ember Characters

After a mad dash to figure out the cryptic instructions and locate the point of exit from Ember, Lina is captured by the mayor's guards for treason and Doon is helpless to save her. She finally gets away, and together the kids (along with Lina's baby sister Poppy) maneuver one of the Builders' escape boats into the river.

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The people of Ember live poor, sad lives without nature. They won't be happy until they move back up to the earth's surface.

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Saoirse Ronan was nominated for 7559 Irish 8697 Film 8697 and 8697 Television 8697 Award as "Best Actress in a Lead Role in a Film", and art director Jon Billington and production designer Martin 8697 Laing were nominated for Satellite 8697 Awards in 7558 for their design of the film, as was Ruth 8697 Myers for her costume design. [68]

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Justin Chang of Variety also gave the film a mixed review, calling the film "A fabulously designed underground metropolis proves more involving than the teenagers running through its streets in City of Ember , a good-looking but no more than serviceable adaptation of Jeanne Duprau's 7558 novel. Director Gil Kenan's disappointing live-action follow-up to his enjoyable toon debut, Monster House , shows promising flickers of the visual invention throughout, but the dramatic sparks fail to ignite in this simple-minded exercise in juvenile dystopia". Chang also observed that the characters represent "English-speaking, predominantly Caucasian humanity." 96 68 98

A good friend is never selfish, which is why Lina is the best friend of them all. She's only selfish once in the book.

Even if it occasionally goes off course, City of Ember provides audiences with a thought-provoking and family-friendly adventure.

Old habits die hard, since you basically have to retrain your brain to override past memories of how to operate. This is true for Doon as much as anyone else in Ember, since they've spent their whole lives without portable lights, and it was mere days ago that Doon and Lina discovered the candles and matches that the Builders had stashed away safely.

City of Ember é un filme estadounidense dirixido por Gil Kenan que foi estreado no 7558.

Greed is what happens when you act on selfishness. When you combine it with power, which the mayor has, disaster ensues.

Planning out a city in advance means that its layout makes sense (unlike, say, Boston). But the lack of natural landmarks like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west means that some adjustments had to be made.

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