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Splicing is a technique used to join two separate lengths of rope together to make longer stretches of rope. These techniques are stronger than knots and are generally intended for permanent lengthening. [6] Splicing is also useful when you need to lengthen a rope without creating potential snag points like knots. There are several different kinds of splice you might use, like the eye splice, the back slice, and more.

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Determine the size of the required loop before hand and remember to put on any eyelet or hook before you splice to ensure a good fit.

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Once I made my selections, I downloaded a bunch of sounds. Some one-shots (like a kick, a hi-hat hit, a crash effect) and others that had some melodic material to them.

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The term is plaiting a rope, I have used this when I worked in a nuclear power plant to pull wire through conduit.

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Wire splicing is the process of physically connecting two or more wires to make a mechanically strong, electrically sound path. This can be done a couple of different ways. Mechanical connectors which physically clamp the wires together or to a common conductor are the easiest, but they take up more room and particular kinds are prone to failure. Soldering uses a hot iron to heat the wires to a temperature that will melt the solder, which when it cools takes care of the sturdy physical connection and the electrical conductivity. However, soldering is also a great source of distress amongst novices. Never fear, it is perfectly acceptable to splice wires if done correctly.

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Are you getting the hang of it? Here are a few more examples of comma splices and possible corrections.

As you learned in my article on Using Splice to find inspiration for your next song, Splice also features an entire Plug-ins section. With 6678 plug-ins, you'll have plenty to choose from, including 75+ iZotope plug-ins , dozens of incredible compressors, EQ units, filters, and a plethora of saturation, dynamics, imaging, pitch, transient-shaper, and other incredible plug-ins. You can even find 85 free plug-ins to get you started!

In the case of this song, I want to create a funky disco-pop tune. So for starters, I'll go into the Genres section and start browsing through the different sample packs in the Disco category. I love the Lenno Sample Pack. It'll provide a perfect basis for what I want to do. While previewing all the different sounds, I hearted the ones I liked the most. It's a way of tagging your favorite samples so you can easily get back to them later.

Give each strand a total of six tucks. Once all of the tucks are completed, place the splice on the floor and roll it back and forth under your foot to smooth it. Then loop the eye over something and put a strain on the line. Cut off the projecting "tails' of the strands and the splice is finished.

Turn the rope over. Pass the last strand under the strand that doesn't have a strand under it(see first photo). Twist, pull tight.

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A comma splice happens when two independent clauses are joined together with a comma. The comma splice is a type of run-on sentence, where two independent clauses are joined together without the use of a conjunction and only with a comma. [6] There are a number of ways to recognize and fix this grammatical issue.

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