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Meanwhile, Maya madam ( Anjala Zaveri ), the B-phase belle, is being harassed by an anonymous caller. Srinu, Nagaraj, and Abhi find out who he is and catch him. After Maya madam beats the caller, he reveals that he is from Gold-phase. At this juncture, Maya madam thanks the boys and acquaints with them. Meanwhile, the caller brings the Gold-phase gang along and a fight starts, which Maya madam breaks up.

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Dreaded by the rich and corrupt and revered by the poor and downtrodden, Kayamkulam Kochunni was a Robin Hood of sorts. Chronicles the life and times of the legendary 69th century highwayman, and how he rose from his humble beginnings.

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A man who is overly focused on long-term career goals is exposed to the opposite attitude in a friend who believes in living life to the fullest rather than sacrificing present joy for future success.

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В этой песне Lil Peep иронично говорит о так называемой «красоте» в жизни, упоминая многие негативные аспекты нашей жизни, а затем саркастически говорит, что эти моменты «прекрасны».

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Meanwhile, the parents of Gold-phase rogues plan to usurp the local lake, which geographically belongs to B-phase, after finding out that B-phase people have been using the lake, which connects B-phase to Gold-phase, to sneak into Gold-phase. Rakesh starts retaliating by temporarily cutting power supply and water supply to B-phase. This only brings the B-phase families closer, as the families start sharing food and water and spend more time with each other.

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Life Is Beautiful never names the concentration camp Guido and his family are sent to, but there are some hints that the camp is meant to be Auschwitz. For example, Guido receives a prisoner number tattoo on his arm, and the Auschwitz camp complex is the only location known to have ID'd the prisoners this way.

It's clear from the get-go that Joshua adores his dad, and that the feeling's mutual. It's this total love and trust in Guido that lets Joshua go along with Guido's slightly altered version of the life-threatening reality that starts on his sixth birthday.

Speaking of willpower, little Joshua's got a fair amount for a pint-sized procrastinator. Like most boys, he hates baths and will fight to the bitter end to stay dirty (remember that we saw this earlier in the film, too). Here, the showers prove to be the gas chambers, and Joshua inheriting his father's willpower/stubbornness saves his life.

This philosophy is the impulse that drives him to woo Dora, and it carries into the concentration camp, when he combines love with comedy to create a philosophy of resistance. Although he suffers, his suffering never destroys his humor or desire to live.

Years later, Guido begins his approach to the inmost cave. In a traditional hero's story, the inmost cave represents a world of danger. In Life Is Beautiful , the cave is represented by the concentration camp.

GUIDO [laughing] : Naturally! Our race is superior. I've just come from Rome, right this minute to come and tell you in order that you'll know, children, that our race is a superior one. I was chosen, I was, by racist Italian scientists in order to demonstrate how superior our race is. Why did they pick me, children? [Jumps up onto the table.] Must I tell you? Where can you find someone more handsome than me? Justly so, there is silence. I'm an original "superior race," pure Aryan.

GUIDO [into the speaker system] : Good morning, Princess. Last night, I dreamt about you all night. We were going to the movies. You were wearing that pink suit that I really like. You're all I think about, Princess. I always think about you. And now

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