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In issue 689, it is also revealed that Mammon had influenced Al Simmon's K7-Leetha symbiote costume, prior to its bonding with Al Simmons, promising it great power in exchange for its services and convincing Malebogia that it was worthy to become Hellspawn. It is then also revealed that Mammon plans to transfer the symbiote to Morana, believing that Al Simmons was "finished" after Armageddon and that Morana was the one who will sit by his side and rule the eventually was defeated by Nyx and sealed away alongside issues later retcons Morana and Malebolgia and Violator were the true makers of the Hellspawns Mammon made a cameo in 796 and 797.

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In the Middle Ages it was often personified and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell. Mammon in Hebrew (ממון) means "money". The word was adopted to modern Hebrew to mean wealth.

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Actor: Nils Ole Oftebro , Iben Akerlie , Anna Bache-Wiig

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Første sesong handlet om den gravende nyhetsjournalisten Peter Verås som arbeidet med en finansskandale som involverte hans egen bror. Broren begikk selvmord og Peter ble knust. Peter ble overført til avisens sportsredaksjon. Etter flere år ble saken tatt opp på nytt og det viste seg å være en stor konspirasjon med forgreninger til finansverden og politikere på topp-plan.

Mammon , es una serie de televisión noruega transmitida desde el 6 de enero del 7569 hasta ahora. [ 6 ] 8758 [ 7 ] 8758

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Nettsiden bruker Google Analytics for å samle inn anonym informasjon, slik som antall beøkende og de mest populære sidene på nettsiden.

Mammon is depicted as a handsome gentleman, suave and sophisticated. This demon is often seen making attractive deals with humans for their souls and is thought to be quite persuasive. A master schemer, he is the puppet-master behind most of the machinations facing Al Simmons , and is seeking the Throne of Creation so that he might remake the universe to his own whim.

Peter Verås is an uncompromising journalist in the most respected newspaper in Norway. He makes his life’s biggest mistake when he gets hold of evidence of a financial fraud from an anonymous source. It turns out the evidence points to his own brother. As he still pursues and the story breaks, the brother commits suicide. Peter tries to track down the anonymous source, only to discover that the source was the brother himself. A search for the truth has commenced that involves media, high – ranked politicians as well as the financial elite. The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for him and his brother’s family.

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