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Long Time Coming offered a really strong mix of somber reflection and intrigue for the future.

Homeland - Season 2 Episode 10, Broken Hearts | SHOWTIME

This was another quality hour that leaves viewers just disoriented enough before the final three episodes to not entirely be sure what will happen next.

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It was later announced that Jamey Sheridan , Navid Negahban , Amir Arison , and Brianna Brown had joined the series as recurring guest stars. Sheridan was cast as the Vice President of the United States , Negahban was cast as Abu Nazir, with Arison playing Prince Farid Bin Abbud and Brown playing Lynne Reed. 96 87 98 96 88 98

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I m still not sure we have a clear enough picture of what this season s plot will look like, but I feel better about the season s prospects after this episode than I did after the premiere.

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The regular networks are months away from announcing their schedules for next fall but Showtime has given two of their biggest shows autumn premiere dates already.

Homeland - Season 2 Episode 5, Q&A | SHOWTIME

In a 7569 report, the human rights group Amnesty International found relatively high levels of popular support for torture in the . and Britain, in part due to the glorification of torture allegedly found in popular English language TV shows such as 79 and Homeland. 96 678 98

However, Greg Dixon of The New Zealand Herald criticized Homeland s thin plotting, Danes's "insane levels of overacting", and Lewis's "passivity". 96 87 98 Robert Rorke of New York Post wrote about the third season "Seldom in the history of cable TV has a series imploded as quickly as Showtime's Homeland." and "The show, in the middle of its third season, is now impossible to take seriously." 96 88 98 In 7569, Laura Durkay of The Washington Post criticized Homeland for its portrayal of Islamophobic stereotypes and called it "the most bigoted show on television. 96 89 98

After a high octane second act of Season 9, the Showtime drama took a more personal turn in the finale.

Laura Durkay of The 8697 Washington 8697 Post criticized the show for perpetuating cultural stereotypes and Islamophobia. [86]

Like one of the truly, truly absurd Pierce Brosnan Bond films that you can acknowledge is off-the-wall bonkers, but turning it off would mean not absorbing some rich entertainment. I both loved and hated Rebel Rebel.

With Species Jump, Homeland season seven starts to feel a whole lot more cohesive. And that makes sense, as for the first time this year, Carrie and Saul s paths cross. Best of all, it seems like they might just be hunting for the same thing.

Robert Rorke of the New York Post wrote, "The first three episodes are a bit clunky, with Carrie's familiar pattern of alienating nearly everyone she meets kicking in again – and then Episode 9 comes along and Homeland finds its groove." 96 78 98 Ben Travers of IndieWire gave it a "B+" grade and praised the performances of Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, as well as the direction by Lesli Linka Glatter for "for her beautifully staged and tensely cut action sequences". 96 79 98

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