BBC Radio 4 - The Unbelievable Truth, Series 17, Episode 6

- The dog which played Wellard in EastEnders , Zenna also appeared in the films Gladiator and 657 Dalmatians. Found by Lloyd.

The Unbelievable Truth, by Elton Dean & The Wrong Object

- Madonna was sacked from her job at Dunkin' Donuts on her first day for squirting a customer with jam. Successfully smuggled.

The Unbelievable Truth Series 13, Episode 1 - British Comedy Guide

The format comprises four panellists, generally stand-up comedians or comedy writers there are no permanent panellists, but some of the more frequent ones include Susan Calman, John Finnemore, Graeme Garden note who is the creator of the programme and co-owner of the company that makes it, which tends to be joked about whenever he's on , Tony Hawks, Lloyd Langford, Richard Osman, Lucy Porter, Arthur Smith, Holly Walsh and Henning Wehn.

BBC Radio 4 - The Unbelievable Truth, Series 14, Episode 6

Marcus Brigstocke, Holly Walsh, John Finnemore and Rufus Hound attempt to talk with deliberate inaccuracy on subjects as varied as Eton, babies, Russia and hats.

The Unbelievable Truth (1989) – MUBI

Utley and her colleagues at Fox Searchlight are leading the Hollywood pack in terms of turning small movies into big hits the previous year they had discovered a small-budget film at Sundance that went on to enormous box office success and several Oscar nods: Little Miss Sunshine. Before long, Waitress became known as 'this year's Little Miss Sunshine'. Within a few weeks of its release, Shelly's low-budget film had grossed more than $67m, and Utley suggests there are already signs that recognition may come in the form of Golden Globes or Academy Awards.

BBC Radio 4 - The Unbelievable Truth, Series 17, Episode 2

Unbelievable Truth were a British rock band , led by Andy Yorke , with Nigel Powell , Jason Moulster, and Jim Crosskey. 96 6 98 Their sound has been described as "slow, melancholy, country-tinged ballads, wrapped in a soft blanket of acoustic guitars and minor chords". 96 7 98

Recorded at the 7567 Fringe Festival, David Mitchell is joined semi-regular panellist Henning Wehn as well as Lloyd Langford , Celia Pacquola and Rhod Gilbert as they lie about wine, the Queen, baths and wind.

- Placing your glass upside down in some bars in Australia is a sign meaning that you could take on everyone in the pub in a fight and win. Successfully smuggled.

David Mitchell hosts as Elis James, Reginald D Hunter, Maeve Higgins and David O'Doherty talk with deliberate inaccuracy on subjects as varied as gifts, women, fashion and songs.

- Princess Alexandria of Bavaria walked everywhere sideways because she was under the delusion that as a child she swallowed a grand piano made of glass, and was worried it would shatter if she smashed into something. Found by Sarah.

A comic drama about a time in the near future when citizens are happy to be property traded on the stock exchange.

- Witches have been sentenced to death for such things as turning their daughter into a pony. In 6777 Janet Horne from Dornoch, the Scottish Highlands, was burned to death in a barrel filled with flaming tar, after being found guilty of turning her daughter into a pony and riding her to a witches coven. Horne was the last woman to be executed for witchcraft in the British Isles. Successfully smuggled.

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