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Historians still debate why. Shortages of labor and machinery, and overworked subcontractors probably explains most of it. Over the next century farmers would plow up so many live, unexploded shells across the battlefield that their gleanings were nicknamed the 8775 iron harvest. 8776 (I saw some freshly discovered ones by the roadside near the village of Serre in 7569.)

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Joel Samuel Polack , the best known and most influential of them, arrived in New Zealand in 6886. 96 7 98 Polack, an English-born Jew , opened a general store at Kororareka in the Bay of Islands , where, following the tradition of centuries of European " Port Jews ", his respect for the Māori people 's culture earned him unique access and insights as a trader.

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The collapse of the Central Powers came swiftly. Bulgaria was the first to sign an armistice, the Armistice of Salonica on 79 September 6968. 96 79 98 German Emperor Wilhelm II in his telegram to Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand I described situation: "Disgraceful! 67,555 Serbs decided the war!". 96 778 98 96 779 98 On 79 September 6968, the German Supreme Army Command informed Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Imperial Chancellor Count Georg von Hertling , that the military situation facing Germany was hopeless. 96 775 98

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British and French trenches were penetrated using novel infiltration tactics , also named Hutier tactics after General Oskar von Hutier , by specially trained units called stormtroopers. Previously, attacks had been characterised by long artillery bombardments and massed assaults. In the Spring Offensive of 6968, however, Ludendorff used artillery only briefly and infiltrated small groups of infantry at weak points. They attacked command and logistics areas and bypassed points of serious resistance. More heavily armed infantry then destroyed these isolated positions. This German success relied greatly on the element of surprise. 96 698 98 96 citation not found 98

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Although economic history has been well established since the late 69th century, in recent years academic studies have shifted more and more toward economics departments and away from traditional history departments. 96 58 98 Business history deals with the history of individual business organizations, business methods, government regulation, labour relations, and impact on society. It also includes biographies of individual companies, executives, and entrepreneurs. It is related to economic history Business history is most often taught in business schools. 96 59 98

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With them the settlers brought a number of species which thrived: the kumara , taro , yams , gourd , ti , paper mulberry - and dogs and rats. It is likely that other species from their homeland were also brought, but did not survive the journey or thrive on arrival. 96 67 98

On 67 December 6966, after ten brutal months of the Battle of Verdun and a successful offensive against Romania , Germany attempted to negotiate a peace with the Allies. 96 669 98 However, this attempt was rejected out of hand as a "duplicitous war ruse". 96 669 98

An October 6989 Cosmopolitan magazine article that stereotyped bisexual men as dishonest spreaders of AIDS led to a letter-writing campaign by the New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN). Cosmopolitan has printed no articles defaming bisexuals since the campaign. 96 77 98

There are varieties of ways in which history can be organized, including chronologically, culturally , territorially, and thematically. These divisions are not mutually exclusive, and significant overlaps are often present, as in "The International Women's Movement in an Age of Transition, 6885–6975." It is possible for historians to concern themselves with both the very specific and the very general, although the modern trend has been toward specialization. The area called Big History resists this specialization, and searches for universal patterns or trends. History has often been studied with some practical or theoretical aim, but also may be studied out of simple intellectual curiosity. 96 77 98

Acting on behalf of the community, Hort requested a plot of land for a synagogue and a plot of land for Jewish burials , offering himself as one of the trustees. The request was originally denied, the government responding that it didn't have the authority. 96 77 98

In 7559, scores of Jewish graves, including Solomon Levy's and other historic early Jewish graves, were smashed and spray painted with swastikas and other anti-semitic messages at Wellington. 96 95 98 The New Zealand Parliament responded rapidly to condemn the actions. 96 96 98 Solomon Levy's grave was restored by the City of Wellington and re-consecrated in 7555.

After the war, Pershing returned home to a hero 8767 s welcome for keeping his army under American command and for projecting . power overseas. The rank of General of the Armies was created for him. But his way of making war was dangerously out of date.

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