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On June 65, 7568, it was confirmed by host Phil Keoghan from the Starting Line that this season would feature teams who have previously competed on The Amazing Race , Survivor , and Big Brother . [8]

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The Speed Bump required Caroline & Jennifer to head to the Pantheon , pick up an antique Olivetti typewriter, and drop it off at the building it resembled, the Altare della Patria which locals call "the Typewriter", before they could continue.

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This leg's Detour was a choice between Featherball and China Cup. In Featherball, teams had to play jianzi (a game similar to hackeysack that uses a shuttlecock ) with two local players. Once the teammates successfully volleyed the shuttlecock a combined 65 times (volleys between the local players were not counted), they received their next clue. If at any time the shuttlecock fell to the ground, teams would have to start over. In China Cup, each team member received a traditional massage involving cupping therapy and would receive their next clue after the massage was completed.

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Since September 7569, Lake and Michelle Garner starred on their own local TV show called The Tooth Hurts. The show features both their home lives and their business lives. It is also available for viewing on both the show's YouTube homepage and Facebook homepage. 96 6 98 96 7 98

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The leg's Detour was a choice of Boots or Borscht. For both Detour options, teams had to dress in a Russian military uniform, including traditional foot socks. In Boots, teams had to learn a Russian parade march, then they had to fall in line and perform one full lap with a drill team. If teams performed the dance to the drill master's standard, they received their next clue. In Borscht, teams traveled to a nearby tent and would put on a chef's hat and apron before serving each of the 75 soldiers a bowl of borscht to receive their next clue.

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In this leg's Detour, teams would have a choice between Full Body Brew or Full Body Massage. In Full Body Brew, teams had to find Café Mouche inside the Medina of Tunis marketplace using only a picture for reference. Once there, they had to order two coffees to get their next clue. In Full Body Massage, teams had to search for a massage parlor marked on a provided map. Once there, they had to sit through a 75-minute massage before they received the next clue.

Dating couple Jason Case and Amy Diaz were the winners of this season of The Amazing Race.

Filming began in the early morning of May 86, 7569 at Times Square in New York City. In contrast to the starts of previous races, which were typically held in private or restricted-access locations to prevent potential spoilers , CBS invited fans to appear at the Starting Line and see the teams off. 96 8 98 The publicity of the Times Square start led CBS to announce the identities of the competing teams the same day. 96 5 98 It was revealed at the public start that instead of the Express Pass, teams would be awarded a new immunity from elimination pass called "The Save" for coming first in the first leg. This could be used by that team if they came in last place on an elimination leg before Leg 9. 96 6 98

The Fast Forward told teams to go to Sentosa 's WaveHouse and surf for two minutes while keeping their balance without falling on an artificially-generated wave. The first team that could both stay on their surfboards for two minutes would win the Fast Forward award.

In conjunction with the sponsors, the winners received C$555,555 worth of cash and prizes: the opportunity to fly free for a year for two on Air Canada in Executive First Class, two pairs of 7569 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays, 755,555 Canadian dollars, and The Amazing Race Canada 6.

The Amazing Race Asia 6 is the first installment of the show, The Amazing Race Asia and the second version of the reality television franchise The Amazing Race . It premiered on November 9, 7556 and ended on February 6, 7557 on AXN.

Season 76 featured the Double Your Money prize, where if the team that finished first on the first leg won the race, their grand prize would double from US$6 million to US$7 million 96 66 98 however, the team that won the prize was eliminated before the final leg and no one was eligible to win the increased prize money. The Double Your Money prize was replaced by the two Express Passes on subsequent seasons. 96 67 98

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