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Nel giudizio del critico Enrico Ghezzi , (è) il film più lavorato e complesso che sia dato di vedere , un film che richiede espressamente un "di più" di uno sguardo attento. 96 6 98

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I can 8767 t tell you exactly when it was in the movie, I wish I had noted down the exact duration. However, after a couple of Google Image searches, was hard to come up with the key words, I managed to find a frame which shows the scene with the painting directly above Helena 8767 s head.
Is it just me that caught that? As I can 8767 t seem to find anyone else posting about it online, would be a good add to the analysis above in my opinion if you can incorporate it.

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Spaventato a morte, Bill fa rientro a casa, dove trova Alice immersa in un sogno in cui ride a crepapelle. Ridestatasi, Alice le racconta, piangendo, di aver sognato di essere stata posseduta prima dal giovane ufficiale e poi da tanti altri uomini di fronte al marito impotente, uno scenario assai simile a quello da lui vissuto poche ore prima.

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furtherm,ore, did he 8766 get rid of her 8767 at his house at party number 6, or did she survive and make it to part number 7? wouldn 8767 t she feel like crap still? or was the one that got the HIV results perhaps the one that redeemed Bill, as she knew she was infected? whats up with the HIV thing?? is that to scare REAL LIFE party goers, as in a message to the REAL WORLD we live in? a last laugh to those elite bastards, that they have to deal with karma too? was that chick part of the 8766 magical ring?? 8767

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Eyes Wide Shut is two hours and 59 minutes long, and at the screening held a few days before he died, he apparently told the head of Warner Bros., Terry Semel, that the final cut would be two hours and  thirty-nine  minutes long.  And,  as this respected Kubrick site points out :

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The latest on streaming and Blu-ray, including 76 Bridges, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and a Criterion editi.

Оказавшись внутри замка, Билл попал на ритуальную оргию. Все присутствующие на ней люди были в венецианских масках 96 6 98 . Главный герой был на оргии лишь наблюдателем 96 9 98 . Через некоторое время Билла разоблачили как самозванца. Вину мужчины взяла на себя неизвестная женщина в маске 96 67 98 . Вернувшись домой, Билл разбудил беспокойно спящую Элис, которая описала только что приснившийся эротический сон, где она участвовала в оргии и презрительно смеялась над супругом 96 68 98 . Билл молча выслушал рассказ жены 96 9 98 .

We hear alarms again as Bill enters upstairs of Rainbow Fashions (he hears phones ringing and alarms throughout the film), and I’ve read online that he turns it off with a password of 56789. I haven’t been able to connect that to anything, so if you know, by all means comment below and I’ll update. Again, we see a tree inside the store.

In the future, a sadistic gang leader is imprisoned and volunteers for a conduct-aversion experiment, but it doesn't go as planned.

I'm not offering any interpretations here, I just like talking about movies.  And I'm not in the Illuminati. And neither was Kubrick.

There are tons of mirrors throughout the film, which could be ties to Alice in Wonderland , especially given the female protagonist’s name. The mirrors might represent the characters having to look at themselves honestly in the mirror and seeing the farce of an image they are attempting to portray to the outside world. It could also reference Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There since Nicole Kidman’s character is named Alice and the film exposes what Kubrick 8766 found there. 8767

The novella makes it clear that Fridolin at this point hates Albertina more than ever, thinking they are now lying together "like mortal enemies". It has been argued 96 who? 98 that the dramatic climax of the novella is actually Albertina's dream, and the film has shifted the focus to Bill's visit to the secret society's orgy, whose content is more shocking in the film. 96 65 98

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