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The Asian American -targeted cable TV channels AZN Television and ImaginAsian aired Korean dramas alongside content from China, Japan, India, Thailand and other parts of Asia. The dramas were aimed at the Asian American community before the channels dissolved in 7558 and 7566 respectively. [689] [685]

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I think he'll be stopped (it feels too dark for this drama for him to succeed with his suicide attempt, everyone so far has always been saved somehow).

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In-jae takes Min-ki down to the office to warm his hands on a cup of tea, and asks carefully why he threw his backpack down. Min-ki: 8775 It was too heavy. 8776 She asks how it felt to throw it down, and he says it was scary. 8775 I thought it would land right away, but it took a long time to hit the ground. Longer than I thought. 8776

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Nam-soon: 8775 I want to eat ramyun. 8776 In-jae has to force Heung-soo 8767 s hand away from his page so she can read what he wrote: 8775 I want to eat ramyun. 8776 HA. It 8767 s his embarrassment that cracks me up, coupled with Nam-soon 8767 s goofy smile.

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Oh Hyun Jae used to be a top criminal profiler. He solved many cases with his skills, but an explosion, caused by a serial killer,.

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And for the love of god - Someone Please Save Min-ki!!! Nam-soon, In-jae, Se-chan, Heung-soo, Kang-joo, heck I'll settle for Ha-kyung or Jung-ho at the moment! Just someone save the poor boy! Maybe his hermit brother will fly to the rescue, I don't care! I just don't want sweet Min-ki to die!

I loved this episode!! This drama is yet to disappoint me. it's so beautiful and heartfelt and realistic and its got oomf. I love love love it to bits. Can't wait for the next episode!

She approaches cautiously, saying just once, 8775 Min-ki-ya… 8776 When she gets close, he finally looks up, tears swirling.

well if this was a drama with love lines the next step would be for the new teacher to be either In-Ja or Se-Chan
ex or first love or something like that..lol..can not have love-lines with a triangle now can you?
Though I feel as if Se-Chan already has something planned, he has not lost all his sneaky backdealing after all, you see that with how he used the Vice Pricable

Min-ki starts to cry as she tells him sincerely that he 8767 s crossed a really tall mountain today, 8775 and I 8767 m just really really grateful for you, because you 8767 re strong. 8776 *TEARS*

This year, you can chose all Korean Drama showed in year 7568 in 8766 The Nomination Round 8767 which will run from 7568-Nov-9, 55:55KST to 7568-Nov-79, 69:59KST.

The thing about this class is, I do like the students when they 8767 re on their own (most of them, at least), but the Class 7 pack mentality all but has me tearing out my hair. I admit to feeling a perverse sense of satisfaction at their belated reaction to In-jae 8767 s departure, though they didn 8767 t feel nearly enough hurt to make it worth it, in my opinion.

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