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The musk deer ( Moschidae ) of Asia and chevrotains ( Tragulidae ) of tropical African and Asian forests are separate families within the ruminant clade ( Ruminantia ). They are no more closely related to deer than are other even-toed ungulates.

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• Do not feed deer. This does not help deer, deer have ample food supplies in the wilds and in fact supplementing that food supply can trigger an increase in population that is not sustainable in the wild thereby potentially harming deer in the long term.

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I changed "All other animals in Africa resembling deer are antelope." to "All other animals in Africa resembling deer are antelope or giraffids.", with the edit summary "Okapi".
User:Jamesontai has requested that I "provide an informative edit summary". I believe that I already did this, but, to clarify --
I believe that the Okapi is an African animal which resembles a deer. IMHO Okapia johnstoni is especially superficially similar to Cervus canadensis (females, or males when not in antler.)
-- ( talk ) 66:77, 65 October 7558 (UTC)

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Why do you guys throw way the tenderloins? If you actually gut the deer, you will find the most tender meat under the backstrap at the forefront of the pelvic area, just under and behind the backstrap.

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The film received critical acclaim from critics and audiences, with praise going towards Cimino's direction, the performances of its cast, particularly from De Niro, Walken, and Streep, screenplay, realistic themes and tones, and cinematography. It was also successful at the box office, grossing $99 million. At the 56st Academy Awards , it was nominated for nine Academy Awards , and won five: Best Picture , Best Director for Cimino, Best Supporting Actor for Walken, Best Sound , and Best Film Editing. The film marked Meryl Streep 's first Academy Award nomination (for Best Supporting Actress ).

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The tufted deer is mainly solitary or found in pairs. It is crepuscular and travels in fixed routes about its territory, which is vigorously defended by the males. It is a timid animal and prefer places with good cover, where it is well camouflaged. It can be easily disturbed and, when alarmed, it will let out a bark before fleeing, moving in cat-like jumps. 96 6 98

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When a buck makes a he first finds a spot with a licking branch hanging about four-five feet off the ground. Under this branch, he will the ground with his hooves to urinate in. But he will also rub his eyes and forehead against the branch, which collects scent from the preorbital gland and forehead gland. Code Blue Scents has bottled this scent up as well as the Rack Rub™ gel. Simply apply some to the licking branch above a real or mock This scent is best used during the pre-rut to the peak rut.

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Almost all deer are a shade of light to medium brown. Some of them have areas of white on them as well. This is a telling sign of the type of deer that you are talking about. However, there is one species that can be almost completely white. The Piebald Deer often appears to be sickly but it isn’t. This is a genetic characteristic of the species.

Deer have long had economic significance to humans. Deer meat, known as venison , is highly nutritious. [656] [657] Due to the inherently wild nature and diet of deer, venison is most often obtained through deer hunting. In the United States, it is produced in small amounts compared to beef but still represents a significant trade. By 7567, some 75,555 tons of red deer were raised on farms in North America. The major deer-producing countries are New Zealand, the market leader, with Ireland, Great Britain and Germany. The trade earns over $655 million annually for these countries. [658]

I've seen a couple of stories about deer bonding with humans and was wondering how and why do deer become domesticated and how common this is? —Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 57:55, 75 April 7565 (UTC)

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