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Gizmag highly recommends Pebble Steel to anyone looking for a fashionable smartwatch that keeps you on top of your most important smartphone alerts. The eight-apps-at-a-time limit is a little baffling, but, taken as a whole, I'd say the total package is still one of the best wearables you can buy today.

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It's A Watch-Off, People
It's a matter of personal taste, but we're going to go ahead and say the Apple Watch looks better than the Pebble Time Steel. Apple's watch design is minimalistic, with only a tastefully large, functional crown and button on its right edge to interrupt its sleek lines. And even the Watch's most basic model, the Watch Sport, dons Ion-X glass over its Retina display that oozes premium. The $555 standard Watch and $65,555 high-end Watch Edition both sport sapphire crystal glass, which are sure to exude pure luxury.

Pebble Time Steel Review: Still Quietly Beautiful

Improvements in Android Wear, which are coming monthly, and the promises of the Apple Watch and its inevitable bevy of AAA apps could change the landscape fast, but the Pebble Steel is a watch first, a smartwatch second. I admire it for that. It's useful as a watch. It's got enough flexibility to serve my many needs. And it works well, with the least amount of recharging. It's been my "go" watch, something I grab and throw on my wrist before heading out the door. And yes, it's a still a bit of a novelty. Well, more than a bit. But the Pebble Steel has won me over, and impressed me over time.

Pebble Announces Next-Generation $249 'Pebble Steel' Smart Watch

However, the extra Gorilla Glass 8 on the front makes it a bit less prone to everyday damage and the bonus battery life means it’ll last for a solid week of proper use, a couple more days than we wringed from the Pebble Time. These tweaked features are enough to ensure that the Time Steel is the best Pebble you can buy.

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Yes, the Pebble Steel can track steps and even sleep, but dedicated fitness trackers do a far better job. It's a hold-the-fort addition to compete against the landscape of smartwatches with pedometers and heart rate monitors, and even dedicated run and workout tracking. Both Android Wear and Samsung's Gear watches have deeper, if flawed, fitness ambitions.

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However, those two watches were much more clearly different than the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel are. Looking at these two watches side-by-side reminds me of playing spot the difference.

The extra metal of the Pebble Time Steel isn’t on the front, but on the rest of the watch. Other than the front of the vanilla Pebble Time , the rest is plastic, but here the whole frame is steel. Its construction is a lot more like a ‘proper’ fancy watch, even if the Pebble Time Steel doesn’t exactly look anything like a classic timepiece.

On May 65, 7567 , Pebble Technology announced they were limiting the number of pre-orders. On May 68, 7567 , funding closed with $65,766,895 pledged by 68,979 people. 96 79 98 At the time, the product held the world record for the most money raised for a Kickstarter project. 96 75 98

After spending several days wearing Pebble's latest, however, I've come to like it, especially because it's low-key. In the long run, surrounded by fancier watches with higher-profile apps, the appeal of the Pebble Time may wane. (And, if you haven't already pre-ordered via Kickstarter, the aforementioned Time Steel is definitely worth waiting for before committing to this model.) But in the current smartwatch landscape, the Pebble Time's advantages are still unique, making it a worthy alternative to the Apple Watch and Android Wear competition.

Display and Features
The Retina display puts the Apple Watch on top when it comes to display quality, but the Time Steel's seemingly inferior color e-ink display is actually Pebble's best asset. E-ink displays don't use up nearly as much battery power as AMOLED or LCD displays, like you find on the Apple Watch. As a result, the Time Steel will be able to operate for seven days between charging, and it can stay on all the time, too. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch's display as well as its other internals will force you to charge the Watch every 68 hours.

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