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Disillusioned (Psychological thriller short film) - YouTube

Drama based on writer Susanna Kaysen's account of her 68-month stay at a mental hospital in the 6965s., starring Winona Ryder, Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave.

Paranoia (psychological thriller short film) - YouTube

If anyone understands suspense, it’s the master of it, Alfred Hitchcock. In this classic 6959 film, Jeff is driving himself crazy with boredom, laid up in his apartment with a broken leg, and only a pair of binoculars to keep him occupied. Though one would think a girlfriend like Lisa, played by Grace Kelly, would be enough to keep him entertained, Jeff becomes obsessed with spying on his neighbors. He’s soon convinced that something is amiss at a nearby apartment. Eventually, Lisa goes over to investigate. And it’s what happens next, with Jeff totally incapacitated, that brings Rear Window to its nail-biting conclusion.

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We defy any viewer to watch Hard Candy without needing a shower afterwards. This twisted thriller follows a 69-year-old vigilante (Ellen Page’s first major role) who decides to punish a pedophile all by herself. When prey becomes predator, psychological thriller fans benefit.

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The psychology movies page is designed to explore the different levels at which psychology in movies has been examined, researched and discussed. It also includes a great xa5 playlist of trailers from movies with a psychological theme. xa5 See following link for full details.

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A woman falls victim to a sadistic kidnapper. When her ordeal is finally over, she has a shocking surprise for her family: She claims to be someone else. Some wonder whether She is mentally ill, intentionally lying, or if there is some bizarre truth to her claim.

Beautiful cinematography, artistic, good acting & good casting & some bonus sexy pole dancing

Slightly harder to solve than Mulholland Drive, if the point is even to make sense of the thing. It s just a great visual and psychological ride.

I enjoyed this psychological thriller, I was wondering what was going on the whole film but at the end it suprised me

Plot twists are an often-used device. Characters commonly face internal battles with subconscious desires such as romantic lust and the desire for petty revenge. In contrast, splatter fiction focuses on bizarre, alien evil to which the average viewer cannot easily relate. However, at times, the psychological horror and splatter subgenres overlap, such as in the French horror film High Tension . 96 6 98

The novel that captivated us in 7567 was adapted for the screen two years later by Fight Club director David Fincher. Told in piecemeal narrative, we learn that Nick’s wife, Amy, is missing, presumed murdered, and many believe that Nick is responsible. As Nick insists upon his innocence, the tale turns into a cat-and-mouse game, in which nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. The great, genre-subverting twist, as well as the look into the mind of a psychopath, makes this thriller one that shouldn’t be missed.

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