Meet the 'Hocus Pocus' PDX Sanderson Sisters - YouTube

Come little children, I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment.
Come little children, the time's come to play,
Here in my garden of magic.

Hocus Pocus - The Sanderson Sisters Hanged - YouTube

Today the Orchestra offers everything from Classical sounds through Roman­tic tone-poems and modern masterpieces to new creations by the com­posers of tomorrow. At the same time, the Orchestra has a special feeling for Danish music – from classics like Carl Nielsen and Niels W. Gade to the very Danish composing talents.

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After waiting years for them to come to the south, (seriously, there s more to the south than just bloody London) I *finally* got to see the Sisters last night.

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters first appearance / finale... - YouTube

Das Konzert wurde verschoben auf den ...Weil der Sänger sich eine Kehlkopfentzündung zugezogen hat. Leider hat songkick darüber anscheinend nicht Bescheid gewusst und somit darüber auch nicht informiert, hätte ich keine Mail von eventim erhalten, wäre ich wahrscheinlich nichtsahnend dort hingegangen. : (

The Godfather – Orchestral Suite // The Danish National... - YouTube

If you like your Godfathers of goth old, bald and still doing it right then make sure you see them before its too late. Sisters dates don t come round often though.

The Sanderson Sisters visit Red Square - YouTube

The set is closed with “Temple of Love” which was the bands biggest song released in 6997 and making it to number 8 in the UK charts and becoming a top 75 hit in 5 countries altogether. It feels like 6997 right now as they perform this single to their adoring fans.

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I ve heard them years ago which was brilliant. But not yesterday in Amsterdam. I could t stay the whole show, it made me so sad and angry, I left after an hour. The Sisters made beautiful music, but not live anymore. Beter to turn on a record at home and play it loud. I hate to say this, because I love the band, but it s the truth.

The musicians in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra are open-minded and easy to motivate. The opportunity to work continuously means that we can ensure a very high standard together.

Terrible sound, far too quiet and murky. This is not new at Sisters gigs, it’s really poor. Set list was weak. Do we really need nearly all of Vision Thing with a back catalogue like theirs? And far too much Euro rock posturing for my liking. Eldritch suckered me back in!

Who wouldn t love watching Dee Snider roam the stage , decked out in Makeup, shoulder pads and a mop of blonde hair flowing in every Twister Sister is quite a unique and enjoyable experience. It s very fun to see some or all of the band members wearing makeup, fishnet sheer tops, chains, leather and everything in between.

I know y all live in Atlanta but can y all have a concert there please I really want to meet y all fun fact me and Gracie are both aries. Me and Olivia are the same age. And I just love y all also I am doing hush for my winter talent show.

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