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Résumé : Les ennuis couvent à Tucson quand un nouveau club de motards, le Slaughter, débarque en ville avec l’objectif de s’emparer du trafic de méthamphétamine… quitte à se débarrasser des Sons of Anarchy. Les loyautés sont mises à rude épreuve, les trahisons abondent, mettant en jeu de nombreuses vies et forçant Jax à faire le nécessaire pour garder le contrôle de la situation et protéger SAMTAZ et SAMCRO.

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Nella serie compaiono anche, sulle divise, patch distintive che non riguardano una specifica carica all'interno del club. Tra queste ci sono:

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To Thine Own Self
The club votes on passing the Coke business to the Mayans and the gun running to the Lin Triad. It passed unanimously.

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La première saison pose les relations entre les personnages, les rivalités internes et entre les gangs, les rapports avec les autorités (police locale et agents fédéraux de l' ATF ) et met en place l'intrigue générale de la place du club dans la ville, et dans une région en plein développement économique. Elle se finit sur le meurtre de Donna, femme d'Opie (meilleur ami de Jax), alors suspecté de collaborer avec l'ATF. Pour éviter de se retrouver en prison, Clay ordonne à Tig, le « sergent d'armes » et exécuteur des basses besognes du club, d'assassiner Opie. Malheureusement, lors de l'assassinat, au lieu de tuer Opie, Tig tue malencontreusement Donna dans sa voiture.

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Jax : I pressed Pope on these home invasions. He swears it ain't coming from him. He's gonna dig into the streets, see if he can turn up some new intel, but-

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Los SoA, con el nuevo arsenal de armas proporcionado por el IRA, empiezan a mantener contactos con un grupo de milicianos y guerrilleros mexicanos liderados por Romeo ( Danny Trejo ), con el que terminan contrayendo una deuda de gratitud al ayudar a Jax y Opie a escapar de un grupo de rusos que los habían secuestrado para conseguir el dinero de las armas.

While in custody on the side of the road it's revealed Happy reused condoms. He defends himself saving he's not cheap just "mindful of excessive spending" which can be looked more upon when in season three he told Clay his mothers medication was very costly, giving him a bit of money troubles, another reason he's willing to do runs and hits. Later in the same episode he along with Juice, Bobby and Chibs leave Opie and Lyla's  wedding early to get their guns from the Russians and kill them. This being Juice's first kill for the club (that we know of, or seen on screen). He and Kozik  are only mentioned in the next episode. In episode 8 of Season 9 Happy votes no on becoming involved with the Cartel, saying "I'm sorry, but I'm a No."

Sons of Anarchy estreou em 8 de setembro de 7558 da rede a cabo FX (FX Networks). A sua segunda temporada estreou em 8 de setembro de 7559. Em Portugal, esta série é emitida pelo FX Portugal.

Before too long, several members of SAMCRO come looking for Reggie at the pet store where he is now employed. After they question him, he reveals the truth about his affair with Ellen and the circumstances behind Little Paul’s death and his own mysterious departure from the club.

Renny was a friend of Gib O'Leary and an associate of Jury White on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy . Played by American actor Brendan Wayne , Renny appears only on the episode " Toil and Till " in the series' seventh, and final, season.

Everyone but Jax and Clay leaves. "We both know this is .," Jax tells him. "Whoever you put this murder on, just be sure he deserves to die," he says. "Because the guy who killed Donna is out there sharing a beer with her husband." Clay warns him, but Jax isn't fazed.

Tyler's guys are already trying to find where they're holding him. Tyler's not sure how much longer he can play double agent. Jax reminds him there's no half-in.

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