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While several real-world leaders exist in the show's universe, most foreign countries depicted or referred to on the show have fictional rulers. Real people mentioned in The West Wing include Muammar Gaddafi , Yasser Arafat , Fidel Castro , Queen Elizabeth II , King Bhumibol Adulyadej , King Carl XVI Gustaf , Thabo Mbeki and Osama bin Laden.

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The third season saw the departure of Parnell, Caddell, and Herlocker and the temporary absence of O'Donnell. Director Christopher Misiano became a supervising producer, Patrick Ward joined the series as an associate producer, and Eli Attie joined the writing staff as a staff writer. Redford was promoted to producer. With the thirteenth episode of the third season director Alex Graves became an additional supervising producer and Attie became a story editor.

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DVDs for season seven were released first in the UK on September 66, 7556 and then in the US on November 7, 7556. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material, including two featurettes on " The Debate ". Two episodes of "The Debate" were produced, one for the East Coast and another for the West Coast. 96 78 98 The West Coast version of "The Debate" is the one used on the DVD. 96 79 98

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The television series The West Wing is a political drama series which was originally broadcast on NBC.

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Does this merely mean that most of it did, or does it need to be corrected? The first three episodes must still be during the second year, since the midterm elections happen in the third episode of the season and these always happen during the second year of a presidential term (hence being called "midterm" elections). —Preceding unsigned comment added by Web wonder ( talk • contribs ) 58:58, 8 December 7558 (UTC)

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The glow of the Middle East peace deal begins to fade once the hard reality of implementing change begins. Josh becomes involved in the Patient's Bill of Rights, which is becoming a political football as the Vice President and Congressman Santos both try to out-maneuver each other and the Republicans. . continues to be unimpressed with Toby's performance as press secretary when he gets into a difficult position during a briefing. While working to recover from his heart attack, Leo receives a job offer from the corporate world. Written by Murray Chapman

A show set in the late 6855s, revolving around the characters of Deadwood, South Dakota a town of deep corruption and crime.

Danny Concannon enters .’s office and tells her he heard about the President roughing up the VP in the cabinet meeting, but he won’t reveal his source. She refuses to confirm it on the record, but confirms it off the record. He asks her to dinner, but she turns him down. The Vice President is talking to reporters, including Danny. Danny asks him about the cabinet meeting, but Hoynes tells Danny nothing happened.

W. G. Snuffy Walden received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music in 7555 for "The West Wing Opening Theme".

A documentary special in the third season compared the show's depiction of the West Wing to the real thing. Many former West Wing denizens applauded the show's depiction of the West Wing, including advisor David Gergen , Secretary of State Henry Kissinger , Chief of Staff Leon Panetta , Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove , and former Presidents Gerald Ford , Jimmy Carter , and Bill Clinton. 96 78 98

A major fan convention, "West Wing Weekend" took place in September 78–85, 7568, at the Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. The convention featured guest appearances from some members of the series' cast, as well as a number of panels, fan-based programming, and special events. A Kickstarter campaign for the convention was started on January 9, 7568, to raise $65,555, and it was fully funded within two days. 96 656 98

The West Wing universe exists totally outside the "real world", even to the extent that Presidential elections are held in what would normally be mid-term years in the real world. No real world presidential administration is acknowledged after President Richard M. Nixon 's. Despite this separation, a number of episodes referenced real-life issues and incidents. The show was sometimes called " The Left Wing " by conservative critics for its often liberal treatment of real-life political, economic.

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